Jimmy Hendrix Live - Blue Wild Angel Album Review

Wild Blue Angel Album CoverThis review is for the complete double disc version. Captured several weeks before Jimi's death, The Isle of Wight festival was his last performance and offers a priceless document showcasing Hendrix transition from psychodelic period toward a harder rocking styles displayed on his last full-length, 'Freedom".

After a rough first half, marred by some technical glitches and lack- luster audience reaction, he comes through big time on the second disk, combining classics like "Foxy Lady" and newer material. High lights include "Message of Love", "EZY Rider" "Voodoo Chile" and "In from he Storm". If you get the double deluxe version with DVD of the concert, you can see what Hendrix was up against. For instance, after finally getting on stage after 3 am, Jimi and band tear through "Spanish Castle Magic' only to hear a virtual silent audience reaction at the end.

Also, it's very strange watching Jimi sling on a black and white Flying-V, instead his trademark Strat. Luckily it only lasts for a couple of tunes. But all-in-all, it's Jimi's love of music that propels the performance. Just listen to the walkie-talkie interference during "Machine Gun" and "Foxy Lady", and how he works it in the groove, creating the first "post-rock" performance. So far ahead of his time.