High on Fire - Death is the Communion Review

death is the communion album coverThis is a demonic hippy love fest. It's not thrash, its not stoner, but it's very doomy, heavy and psychodelic. Imagine Jimi Hendrix reborn in molten lava from the Valley of the Ords.

"Communion" ranks up there with the greatest metal releases of the new millinium. Matt Pikes classic wall of heavy metal is enhanced with Eastern rhythms, adding melody and believe it or not, beauty and grace. The first three cuts, "Fury Whip", "Waste of Tiamat", and 'DITC", are classic HOF, fast, brutal, brilliant drumming and guitar, made even more impactful due to the crystal clear production.

Not content with simply carrying the momentum, the second half ends even stronger with a trio of tunes "Rumors of War", "Ethereal" and "Return to Nod" are powerful as well as melodious, finding Matt Pike turning in his most affecting vocals and most searing solos since "Holy Mountain".