When Radiohead Was A Rock Band

Aren't all great bands pretentious? The belief of superior talent and knowledge are characteristics that separate great bands from the hack copy cats. A band out to cash in would have followed up OK Computer with an album consisting of same style, but different song titles. Instead Kid A became the biggest selling avant garde album in the history of music. I wished they would have tried to cash in.

I didn't care for the direction they went after OK Computer. Kid A/Amnesia where bold moves, but not my cup of tea. Hail to the Theif was simply a difficult album, a bunch of styles that never come together, including a couple of really annoying songs. IMO, Radiohead are a bunch of very talented musicians, particularly in the guitar in drum department, but they choose not to develop that talent. Oh well.

OK Computer has their greatest songs, but the The Bends has stronger songwriting over-all. Both are classic. Fake Plastic Trees, Just, My Iron Lung, Street Spirit, just to name a couple tracks are the work of absolute genius. The Bends is when Radiohead opened up there musical attack and perfected their light/heavy slow/fast time changes within songs. They had atmospheric tones, acoustic guitars, and vicious electric guitars and drums, often within the same song. Thom would sing like a choir boy one moment, then switch to a wicked snarl.

Aah, those were the days.