Melvins: the godfathers of grunge

The Melvins could have ruled the world. So we all suspect King Buzzo and Dale would rather live in their apartments collecting royalty checks and smoking dope, than be mega famous rock stars. They could have turned the "commercial" rock world upon its head, but left that to Nirvana and other Grunge bands, while they strive to remain in obscurity, always subverting their success by submarining their albums with crazing ambient experimental compositions which left fans wondering "what the #$&@*?"

Okay, so after 20 years of recording and too many cds to name, we can now pull those awesome tracks the Melvins tantalized us with, but refused to deliver in mass. Example?."Revolve" for STONER WITCH. It's a crazy album, but this tune rocks harder than anything Metallica or Nirvana ever did. In fact, Hetfield and Cobain could only dream of singing and playing guitar as well as Buzzo could, when he wanted to.

It's time for the Melvins to prove they produced the greatest metal, albiet spread throughout many albums, ever recorded in the history of rock. Eventhough they've shunned the spotlight, they put together a compilation of songs that will get recognition for what they were...the greatest Grunge/Stoner band of the 90's.